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Yinzhu Hotel Tianjin profile

2019/2/16 20:56:19
Yinzhu Hotel Tianjin is an art themed hotel, provides delicious food, deluxe accommodation and art experience.
Established in 2007, this 22-story hotel offers 125 rooms and suites.
Yinzhu Hotel Tianjin is located in the Yellow Sea and the TEDA Street Jiaokou Tianjin Development Zone in the southwest corner,Yinzhu Hotel Tianjin near the friendship store shopping center, the surrounding supporting complete, convenient traffic conditions.
Yinzhu Hotel Tianjin decoration artistic and cultural taste, furniture appliances are world-renowned brand configuration, also provides a private butler service for the guest, can meet any of your needs.
The Check Inn Hotel, you can in the square the sun, listen to music; in the two floor of the book to look at the books and on the Internet; or enjoy SPA care; accept the nutritionist's advice for a meal health meal, every day is so happy, happy, successful people, is the ideal leisure small accumulation of the.

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Yihao International Hotel Dongguan traffic info

Business zone:changpingzhen
Address:Guangdong · Dongguan · changpingzhen - Intersection of Zhanqian South Road and Liyuan Road, Changping Town, Dongguan, China