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Marshal Palace Hotel Wuhan profile

2019/2/16 20:55:23
The Marshal Palace Hotel is 5 minutes by car from the city center, 10 minutes from the Wuchang Railway Station and 60 minutes from Tianhe Airport.
The Marshal Palace Hotel Wuhanl features various guest rooms and suite, a cafe, a beauty salon, a recreation center and a shopping arcade.
Marshal Palace Hotel Wuhan is located in the East Lake scenic area is located in Wuhan City, political, cultural and educational center, adjacent to the Hubei provincial government, Wuhan University, Carrefour, Yellow Crane Tower. From the hotel to drive 10 minutes can be arrived at Wuchang Railway Station and Fu Jiapo, Acer long-distance bus station and other transport station; 20 minutes can be arrived at WuHan Railway Station and Wuhan passenger port, the traffic is very convenient.
Wuhan Ao hotel by the Hubei provincial railway companies to invest in the construction, a set of rooms, conference center, restaurant, entertainment in one, with all kinds of elegant guest rooms can meet the different levels of accommodation needs of guests.
Marshal Palace Hotel Wuhan also has a master of the cafeteria and Coffee hall, various styles of luxury rooms showcasing the essence of Hubei and Guangdong cuisine; all kinds of Western-style food variety, listen to the melodious piano music, tea carefully blending wine and pure fragrant tea with China, you have a good time.

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Yihao International Hotel Dongguan traffic info

Business zone:changpingzhen
Address:Guangdong · Dongguan · changpingzhen - Intersection of Zhanqian South Road and Liyuan Road, Changping Town, Dongguan, China